Dear business partners,
we have prepared interesting topics of the training courses, supplemented by a short presentation of our company. All courses are prepared with an emphasis on energy/cost savings and improve production efficienciy using electric drives. We believe that the time spent on the course will not only help to improve communication between us, but especially in professional development of you and your staff. In case of request for special topics in the field of drives and power electronics that are not in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to meeting you!

Benefits of VONSCH training courses:

You are encouraged to apply here or contact us by e-mail (, and we can prepare the right training for you.

Main program:

1 Introduction of VONSCH – power electronics, electric drives:

2 Courses and workshops

2.1 New trends in drives, energy savings in drives by controlled power electronics

Dedicated for professionals working with electric drives (theoretically or practically) to broaden and deepen knowledge in the field, suitable for managers deciding on the choice of equipment from the area of electric drives and energetics, engineers, technicians, designers. Participants are informed on the advantages of selecting individual types of the drives, they learn to predict potential broader context of deployment and upgrade of drives and look for savings opportunities in the wider context. They learn to find new ways of thinking in theory and practice of the electric drives with specific examples (savings, respectively, return on investment, eliminating the risks of working with frequency converters, highlight of the related standards). Estimated length of the course: according to the agreed scope and depth.

2.2 Practical training course for operating and maintenance personnel - working on models

Dedicated for personnel working with the drives, to get familiar with the advantages of VONSCH frequency converters, to simply master the theory and practice of converter configuration, a simple fault diagnosis and detection of possible broader context of system malfunction. Also suitable for engineers and designers of control systems. Expected length of course: 2-5 hours - or flexibly according to the agreed scope or interest.

2.3 Training courses for the other VONSCH products

If interested, you can ask for a training course from other fields of VONSCH production program.