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The latest result of our development is the NEXIBOOST family of DC-DC converters. It is a platform for customer solutions of non-insulated, bidirectional buck-boost DC-DC converters. They are characterized by high efficiency of 99.5%, currents up to 140 A DC, and voltage up to 1000 V DC.
One of the first applications of NEXIBOOST is the UTNS-01 charger for suspended mining locomotives, which we successfully certified at the beginning of November.


We have also participated in the Middle East Energy 2023, which took place on March 7-9.2023 in Dubai, UAE, where we presented, in addition to our PV COMP and NEXICONTROL PV inverters, also the overall Fuel Save solutions for fuel saving in "hybrid microgrid" networks, which we have been successfully deploying for several years together with our partner P.U.R.E.


We are introducing new PV inverter with non-stop reactive power compensation, PV COMP 350.


Watch our video about our custom solutions of power electronics.

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