In line with new global trends in the use of power electronics in energy, VONSCH developed a new device called GSE CONTROL. GSE is intended primarily to cover the quarter-hour peak of electricity consumption. Electric quarter-hour maximum value is a value that very significantly affects payments for consumed electrical energy. GSE works on the principle of energy storage in the battery and it knows to deliver the energy to the three-phase grid in the right moment. Electronically controlled inverter is connected to the battery, which transforms DC battery voltage to three-phase AC voltage and supplying it to the local AC mains. Electronic inverter serves as the battery charger. At the time when the operating conditions allow; GSE charges the battery to be ready to cover the next peak consumption. The rechargeable power supply can be connected in the certain conditions to other energy supplies such as photovoltaic power, wind power or water. In this version, GSE can also be used as off-grid system.

For the supply of peak energy to the local grid is GSE controlled by the superior system, for example. controller of quarter-hour maximum, which works on the basis of sensing the data from the electrometer. The controller, however, in this case, does not disconnect certain appliances, but it starts GSE, which covers the increased power consumption. Starting GSE CONTROL- start - is immediate, which is compared to a solution based on the generatorvery convenient, because they can instantly add the desired power. Therefore, when designing the appropriate GSE CONTROL, it is possible to reduce the quarted-hour maximum and also eliminate the possibility of penalties for exceeding it. GSE CONTROL when compared to the generator,suffers from higher purchase price. But other operating costs are significantly lower: over gen: No maintenance practices, no worry about refueling, ecology. The main advantage is the standard speed of response - GSE CONTROL could immediately deliver the required power. Power range of GSE CONTROL is yet 40 to 100 kVA. They are designed for a supply of 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz. For achiveing high power, GSE CONTROL can be "put together" in parallel to cover the peak consumption. Battery capacity is designed with respect to the desired power and period of peak power delivery.

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