Our company stopped production of this product and accessories in 2018 and its support ends on 12/31/2023. After this date, we will provide post-warranty product service only to a very limited extent, according to the type of fault and available spare parts. We will also not provide support and futher advice for existing applications. Thank you for understanding.

The aim of VONSCH developers was to produce highly reliable, true sine wave inverter with high efficiency and long durability.

FOTO CONTROL 1f 230/375 DC is an inverter for small systems designed to cover own household consumption.

FOTO CONTROL 1f 230/375 DC is a device for transformation of DC voltage generated on the terminals of the solar panel after impact of photons to single-phase sine wave voltage in single-phase AC power grid.

Inverter is designed to produce single-phase voltage with an amplitude of 230 V AC and frequency of 50 Hz in on-grid operation.

FOTO CONTROL 1f 230/375 DC is able to work in a wide range of input voltage - voltage of photovoltaic cells within the range from 200 V DC to 700 V DC.

The advantages of FOTO CONTROL 1f 230/375 DC are low noise, high efficiency, the possibility of extending to three-phase system (operation of multiple inverters) and the possibility of integrating new perspective features. Software required for seamless connectivity to computer is freely available for download in the "support" section at

The main advantages of using FOTO CONTROL FOTO CONTROL 1f 230/375 DC:

Communication possibilities:


Rated permanent power PN = 3300 VA at ambient temperature TA = 25 °C
Output power derating behaviour * Power PN is reduced with increasing ambient temperature
Output voltage 1 x 230V AC ±10%
Output voltage waveform sine wave
Total harmonic distortion of the output current (THDi) Max. 3 % at rated AC current
Output frequency 50 Hz ± 2%
Rated DC voltage of PV panels (Vnom) 375 V DC
Operating DC voltage range 200-700 V DC
Rated input DC current at Vnom 9.2 A
Rated output current AC 14.4 A
RFI filter Inbuilt input DC RFI filter and output AC RFI filter
Control system DSP Texas Instruments
Communication Modbus RTU – RS485
Output power relay YES
Time of switch off at fault complies with DIN VDE 0126-1-1
Inverter dimensions w x h x d, weight 254 x 500 x 145 mm, 9.8 kg
Display graphical, monochromatic
Peak / Euro / MPPT adaptation efficiency 97% / 96% / >99%
Protections Current overloading, Protections undervoltage, overvoltage , short circuit on the AC side , overheating of the inverter
Cooling Natural air cooling, forced by inbuilt fan when necessary
Absolute altitude of the permitted usage ≤ 1000 m above the sea, 1% reduction of power for every 100 m above 1000 m. The installation site altitude in operation is from 0 to 2500 m.
Relative air humidity ≤ 95 % without corrosive and explosive gases, without water vapor and condensates
Ambient working temperature TA + 2 °C do + 55 °C     * (+25 °C –> 3300 VA, +40 °C –> 2500 VA , +55 °C –> 1500 VA)
Cover IP23 (OPTION IP43)
Storage ambient temperature - 20 °C ~ + 70 °C
Standards compliance Safety: EN 50178 EMC emissions: EN 61000-6-3 EMC immunity: EN 61000-6-1 Harmonic distortion: EN 61000–3–11, EN 61000–3–12
Instructions EEC 2004/108/EEC, 2006/ 95/EEC



RM GRID MONITOR is a device for FOTO CONTROL 1f inverters used for voltage and current measuring at the point of coupling to the electrical grid. RM GRID MONITOR
The RM GRID MONITOR module is physically installed in the household switchboard. When connecting the inverter with the RM GRID MONITOR extension module, power and current at the inlet to the building are measured. Depending on this, it can be very easy and effective to regulate the power of the hybrid inverter. The inverter is also connected to the power supply (48V battery, wind turbine, etc.). According to the current state of energy flow, inverter is set to maximize solar energy share and it can be set to ensure zero grid injection (depends on local legislative).


The module RM-WEBi can be connected to FOTO CONTROL 1f inverters and FOTO CHARGER solar chargers to provide visualization of data from the devices through a web page on the local network. Website is compatible with most commonly used browsers. This page is also compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. RM-WEBi To access the Internet, it is necessary to ask for the public IP address at your Internet service provider or administrator and configure redirection in the local router.

Continuos pure-sine power regulator SRVS 10/230AC

SRVS 10/230AC For using the excess energy from ypur PV system, we have developed a continuous power regulator SRVS 10/230, which can be used to distribute unused power - the excess of the panels, and use it to supply the heating units like a boiler coil or an electric radiator.
The main advantage of our power regulator is the sine shape of the output voltage, which reduces any undesired disturbance of the grid or surrounding devices. Continuous power regulator allows optimal use of your photovoltaic system.

ON-GRID, own consumption + continuous power regulator
Technical data:
Dimensions: width x height x depth = [104 x 139 x 250] mm
Rated current: IN=10A
Rated power: PN=2150W
Control: Analog signal (2-10VDC)
Input voltage: 1x230V~AC , 50Hz (inverter)
Output voltage: Controlled sine-shaped 1x0-230V~AC, 50Hz (heating element)

Continuos power regulator SRV 10/230AC

SRV 10/230AC SRV 10/230AC Electronic continuous power regulator SRV 10/230AC is used to power an electrical resistive load, for example domestic hot water heater (boiler) or floor, wall or ceiling heating resistance wire. SRV 10/230AC allows control of AC voltage while maintaining high efficiency and low interference to the network. Supply voltage for the SRV 10 / 230AC is provided from the output of the inverter. This makes the exploitation of maximum power from PV panels possible at concurrent requirement for zero grid injection.
Technical data:
Dimensions: width x height x depth = [104 x 139 x 250] mm
Rated current: IN=10A0
Rated power: PN=2200W0
Control: Analog signal (2-10VDC)
Input voltage: 1x230V~AC , 50Hz (inverter)
Output voltage: Controlled 1x0-230V~AC, 50Hz (heating element)


Datasheet in PDF for download.