Why do we do this?

We want to make our city, region or country a better place for living together with people and for people who have the need and passion to change, to change the energy. Of course, we are primarily talking about electricale energy, its production, distribution, storage, consumption and transformation.

We believe that it pays to communicate politely and openly with our employees so that we can communicate together and equally with our business partners, because we care about mutual trust. We believe that together with our people, we can grasp top technologies and create products that bear the stamp of our 30 years of experience.

A strong, balanced and relatively small team of experts and enthusiasts for progressive technologies, which we purposefully build, can create a close, highly qualified and competent bond to the technical problem, and resides under one roof. As a result, he can effectively and agilely attend to smaller projects and respond meaningfully and quickly to customer support requests.

Not all technical problems can be solved by large international producers. Some situations require an individual specific comprehensive approach and we are here to find and offer such solutions. We are always aware of the high quality, meaningfulness and effectiveness of our solutions.

How do we do it?

In the heart of Slovakia, in the middle of the mountains, we have the opportunity to work in the top quality environment for living, and that is why it is very important to us to make it as good as possible.

That is why we carefully create solutions in the field of green energy. The results of our calculations are not aimed at artificially promoting the sale of our products, but take into account the true facts, whatever they may be.

We work on improving ourselves, on improving our products and solutions in order to help realize the intentions of our customers and partners.

We care about quality. All products are designed according to the strictest technical criteria in order to meet the highest expectations. We think about how to achieve a long-term perspective and a long life for our products, which is evidenced by the fact that many of our products from the 90s still work and bring benefits to their owners. We are actively building processes to maintain the high quality of our products and services.

We develop our products to the stage where we can "love" them, which means that we know them perfectly, including their pluses and minuses. And when we look for employment for them, we think about making them "well", because we care about them.

With balance, we create solutions in the field of green energy, for the gentle use of renewable energy sources such as the sun and water. We help shape the way we think about electricity and the future of energy, in what way it is possible to take care of our needs, the environment, the country we live in and love.

What are we doing?

The subject of our interest is electric energy and its effective management on the side of production, distribution or storage, as well as on the side of consumption in the field of electric drives. VONSCH covers a space in the global market that opens up when customers are faced with solving specific technical problems that require an individual approach from a competent, qualified team of people for whom these topics are a passion and mutual cooperation is a joy.

Integration of specialized solutions in the field of drives, network inverters and other power electronics using the most modern automation elements in combination with VONSCH products, in which we know every part of the hardware and every line of software. In this way, we can create solutions that are not only standardized but also tailor-made for our customers.

We create products and solutions usable for:

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What is VONSCH's vision for the future?

To develop a unique internal company culture of the future with respect for electricity, its production, distribution, storage and consumption, with respect for people, partners and with respect for the environment.

To build and maintain a compact local environment with excellent people and conditions for the creation and development of our own products, which will enable a close, highly qualified and competent link to the technical essence of solutions in the field of power electronics.

To work so that the footprint on the environment is as low as possible. Follow the principles of frugality and ecology in the entire process of our operation. We realize that building and maintaining such an environment depends mainly on quality and passionate people. That is why at VONSCH we are intensely interested in our people, in their education, improving fine skills, movement, health, building better interpersonal relationships, but of course also improving technical and computer skills, as well as cooperation with educational institutions - in the process of training experts in electrical engineering, we want to be an active regional player.

To generate profit for planned goals. We are experts in our field, we maintain an excellent level of professional knowledge of our employees.

Develop own VONSCH technologies and provide support to our solutions and their users. And thanks to our philosophy, products, solutions and services, the transition to renewable energy sources will become easier and more affordable for everyone.