We are VONSCH spol. s r.o., a Slovak company with more than 30 years of tradition, offering top solutions in the field of industrial and power electronics. We are fans of progressive technologies. We specialize in customer solutions for electric drives, renewable energy sources and special voltage sources, delivered to the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, various African countries and Australia in addition to Slovakia.

We believe that together we will be able to contribute to innovation and the creation of revolutionary solutions in the field of electronics.

We want to make our city, region or country a better place for living together with people and for people who have the need and passion to change, to change energy. Of course, we are primarily talking about electricity, its production, distribution, storage, consumption and conversion.

We believe that it pays to communicate politely and openly with our employees so that we can communicate together and equally with our business partners, because we care about mutual trust. We believe that together with our people, we can grasp top technologies and create products that bear the stamp of our 30 years of experience.

A strong, balanced and relatively small team of experts and enthusiasts for progressive technologies, which we purposefully build, can create a close, highly qualified and competent bond to the technical problem, and resides under one roof. As a result, he can effectively and agilely attend to smaller projects and respond meaningfully and quickly to customer support requests.

It is not possible to buy a solution for all technical problems from large international producers. Some situations require an individual specific comprehensive approach and we are here to find and offer such solutions. We are always aware of the high quality, meaningfulness and effectiveness of the solutions.