Our company stopped production of this product and accessories in 2018 and its support ends on 12/31/2023. After this date, we will provide post-warranty product service only to a very limited extent, according to the type of fault and available spare parts. We will also not provide support and futher advice for existing applications. Thank you for understanding.

The aim of VONSCH was to complete its photovoltaic portfolio and to produce highly reliable battery charger with high efficiency and long durability.

Solar MPPT charger FOTO CHARGER DC 48 uses DC voltage generated at the terminals of solar panel to optimal and efficient charging of batteries with a nominal voltage of 48 V.

The charger is powered directly from DC voltage of photovoltaic panels connected in series into a single string. Integration of several FOTO CHARGER DC 48 chargers to allow faster charging of the battery is possible, when higher power of properly connected panels is present.

In case of insufficient illumination of solar panels and discharged battery, it is possible to charge the battery from the grid by adding the rectifier module UM-01AC to FOTO CHARGER DC 48.

Reliable and efficient charging is ensured by 3-stage charging characteristics.

The advantage of FOTO CHARGER DC 48 is low acoustic noise, high efficiency and the possibility of integrating new promising features.

The main advantages of using FOTO CHARGER DC 48:

Communication possibilities:


Rated permanent power PN = 3000 W at ambient temperature TA up to 25 °C and input DC voltage higher than 375 V
Power PN is reduced with increasing ambient temperature TA above 25 °C.
Maximum input voltage of PV panels 600 V
Maximum input voltage of PV panels 170 V
Input voltage range for MPPT 180 ~ 550 V
Rated input DC current 9 A
Rated output voltage 57 V
Output voltage operating range 42 ~ 64 V
Rated output DC current 52 A
Peak / Euro Efficiency 95 % / 94.4 %
MPPT adaptation efficiency >99 %

Technical specification

Control unit UNF03E2 / processor control board, equipped with Texas Instruments DSP
Communication RS 485 with MODBUS RTU protocol, USB
Input fusing Inbuilt fuses, surge protections, electronic protections
Output fusing Electronic protections
Display Inbuilt graphical, monochromatic display
Analog inputs 2 x / 0 (4) – 20 mA / 0 (2) – 10 V
Analog outputs 1 x / 0 (4) – 20 mA
Digital (binary) inputs 4x (BIN1, BIN2, BIN3, BIN 4)
Digital outputs 2x (BOUT1, BOUT2)
Emergency input 1 digital, EN 13849-1 category 3
Cooling Natural air cooling, forced by inbuilt fan
Absolute altitude of the permitted usage ≤ 1000 m above the sea, 1% reduction of power for every 100 m above 1000 m. The installation site altitude in operation is from 0 to 2500 m.
Relative humidity of the air ≤ 95 % without corrosive and explosive gases, without water vapor and condensates
Ambient working temperature TA + 2 °C ~ + 55 °C
Cover IP23 (IP43 optional)
Storage ambient temperature - 20 °C ~ + 70 °C
Standards compliance Safety: EN 50178 EMC emissions: EN 61000-6-3 EMC immunity: EN 61000-6-1 Harmonic distortion: EN 61000–3–11, EN 61000–3–12


Rectifier module UM-01/230AC

UM-01/230 Rectifier module UM-01/230AC rectifies single-phase input voltage 230 V AC, 50Hz, to output DC voltage to power the FOTO CHARGER DC 48 charger. Combining the rectifier module UM-01/230AC and FOTO CHARGER DC 48 charger, grid charger is created. The requirement to recharge the battery from electrical grid is based on long-term low light state of solar panels and discharged battery.
Rectifier module UM-01/230AC in the circuit


The module RM-WEBi can be connected to FOTO CONTROL 1f inverters and FOTO CHARGER solar chargers to provide visualization of data from the devices through a web page on the local network. Website is compatible with most commonly used browsers. This page is also compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. RM-WEBi To access the Internet, it is necessary to ask for the public IP address at your Internet service provider or administrator and configure redirection in the local router.


Datasheet in PDF for download.