Specific technical solutions together with the program of professional care will ensure the smooth operation of your devices. Our philosophy is not just to sell many inverters; our philosophy is to do challenging engineering projects with own products.

Electric drives
VONSCH develops and produces frequency converters for induction and synchronous motors in power range from 0.37 kW up to 1400 kW. For more information, please see our electric drives solutions.
Artificial AC mains
Device based on VONSCH frequency converter, providing "pure" sine wave voltage and current of the required frequency made for testing the equipment designed for use on non-standard electrical networks other than 50 Hz, for example: 60 Hz, 400 Hz.
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Renewable energy sources
„We did not inherit the Earth by our ancestors but we borrow it from our children“
(Indian proverb)

One of the biggest challenges for humanity in the third millennium is to solve the energy issues. Demand for energy will increase as long as demand for higher standards of human life will grow. Moving to renewable energy sources will become necessary for future generations and now we know that it is possible, therefore we have added solutions for renewable energy and other "green solutions" to our portfolio. We have built them on our rich experiences, on the latest scientific knowledge and our own research with fast application of the results to the practice. We provide customers with genuine quality products and services while taking active steps to the protection of the environment. All products are manufactured from quality components, nature-friendly, recyclable, with emphasis on the very long life span. Furthermore, VONSCH offers unbeatable service with nonstop technical support and a guarantee that the problem is resolved. Our environmentally-friendly solutions for the effective use of renewable energy sources are based on our own products such as:

  • converters (inverters) and control systems for photovoltaic powerplants (PV)
  • converters (inverters) and management systems for small hydropower plants (SHPP)
  • converters (inverters) and control systems for wind power plant (WPP)
  • management, communication and visualization systems - monitoring (PVPP,SHPP,WPP)
  • converters (inverters) and control systems for marine power plants
  • off-grid systems for the photovoltaic, small hydro and wind power plants
  • systems to overlay ¼ hours. maximum by back-up sources

Our mission is to contributie with our research, development and production to the ecological and cheaper methods of electricity production and optimal energy mix. Although the "green" solutions might seem expensive at first sight, the investment in the future is certainly worth of it.

VONSCH offers single-phase and three-phase solutions for photovoltaic applications.
For more information, please see our Photovoltaic solutions.
Wind power plants
The use of wind as an energy source in recent decades experienced a turbulent development, from very amateurish applications to hundreds or even thousands of MW installed in recent years. Slovakia is not ideal in terms of wind energy conditions; despite the use of wind energy has some potential for us - as evidenced by the operation of several wind farms.
Comparison of the properties of wind and water with solar energy:
  • worse power prediction compared to the hydro power plants
  • the wind blows at night - an advantage over the sun
  • generally higher investment compared to small hydro power plants
  • a slightly negative impact on the environment - the noise produced in the wider area, less “natural looking” environment
  • the need for immediate shut down at high wind speeds - hence the requirement for immediate substitution of the power

For wind turbines VONSCH offers a device called WIND CONTROL 400, whose principle of operation is similar to MVE CONTROL . It adjusts the propeller speed independently and aically, on the principle of maximizing the energy produced. Benefits resulting from the use are similar to those of MVE CONTROL . WIND CONTROL is available in custom enclosure versions - the basic enclosure can contain other electrical equipment associated with operation of the plant. Power of the generators can be up to 1.4 MW and a standard induction motor can be used as generator. WIND CONTROL can be used to for off-grid power, but in these types of power plants the accumulation of energy needed to start the system and for excitation of the generator or a self-exciting generator must be used.

Small hydropower plants (SHPP)
Water is easily available and most balanced source of energy, it is one of the cheapest and the most stable renewable energy source in terms of predictability . In Slovakia and Czech Republic, potential of water energy in mountainous areas is used minimally, which is a shame because the production of electricity of even very low power "somewhere at the end of the grid" is a great contribution to the network stability. Similarly, waterworks companies rarely use the gravitational potential of drinking water in mountainous areas to generate electricity. And if properly designed and built – it does not endanger fish or boaters. Energy from water gains incomparable advantages when comparing to the energy from wind and sun:
  • power prediction (water changes very slowly)
  • water flows at night, when it is cloudy or in still air
  • investments are usually much lower compared to energy from wind or sun
  • Small hydro power plant appropriately set into the environment also acts as a tourist attraction (can substitute water wheel water mill), and can help significantly in the municipal energetics
  • does not take agricultural land
  • ensures that the minimum transmission loss occur
  • it can be close to the end consumer
For small hydro power plants (SHPP, MVE is a slovak version of acronym) a device called MVE CONTROL is offered. MVE CONTROL is essentially unique power electronics device that operates on the principle of two inverters. One inverter addresses the speed control of water wheel motor (or turbine) to maximize the power, the other inverter (actively controlled rectifier) supplies the generated power directly to the grid. We work with designers and manufacturers of small hydro power plants or we deploy MVE CONTROL to already existing plants - where we know it will be useful and effective.
MVE CONTROL should be deployed to MVE in cases where the varying power and variable water speed occur, for example:
  • Vertical and horizontal water wheels mounted directly in the river, which is energetically favorable in some cases, where it is required to adjust orbital speed of the wheel to instantaneous velocity of water
  • Turbines in waterworks placed directly into the flow of drinking water, where MVE CONTROL is able to adapt to variable speed and power of the water
  • Turbines, which inherently have low efficiency where generated power is much below the rated power

For horizontal wheels directly placed in the river, the production of energy without devices like MVE CONTROL is impossible. For example, speed of the water in Danube varies from 1.5 to 2.5 m/s, so this ratio must be adjusted to the orbital speed of a water wheel - generator. Excellent results were obtained when MVE CONTROL was used with vertical water wheel motors, which controlled the wheel speed (generator) to operate the plant even at low flow rates and water speeds, when the classical solutions with a generator connected directly to the grid cannot be used.

All these adaptations by MVE CONTROL are performed by maximization of power - it aically adjusts speed of the generator to the speed and "energy" of water and thus it maximizes the power of MVE CONTROL .

Supply of electricity to the grid is achieved by the control of the regenerative inverter, which also includes a network of independent circuits for the work of protections (current, voltage and frequency). Above the threshold values of output current, frequency and power parameters of the grid, MVE CONTROL is disconnected from the grid by opening the input contactor device. MVE CONTROL produces only active power - power factor is equal to 1.


MVE CONTROL is available in custom enclosure versions - the basic enclosure can contain other electrical equipment associated with operation of the plant. Power of the generators can be up to 1.4 MW and a standard induction motor can be used as generator. MVE CONTROL can be used to for off-grid power, but in these types of power plants the accumulation of energy needed to start the system and for excitation of the generator or a self-exciting generator must be used.

Custom development solutions

Our philosophy is not just to sell many inverters; our philosophy is to do challenging engineering projects with our electric drives. Our purpose is to create individual solutions for each customer.

VONSCH performs two main ranges in custom development solutions:
  • special drive technologies: Traction drives, hybrid drives electronics (LEA – first Slovak electromobile, MVA – freight electromobile, Coal mine locomotives, industrial machines drives)
  • power electronics: (special UPS, tyristor switches)
  • artificial AC mains: 50Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, all according to customer requirements
  • custom PV solutions: special variants of PV inverters, fuel save systems, integration with Energy Storage Systems
Why cooperate with VONSCH specialists?
  • We specialize on development and production of electric drives and power electronics for more than 20 years
  • Our team is optimal composed: professionalism – experience – verve
  • Our team is of optimum size, is flexible and smart
  • Our solutions cover the full cycle: briefing - prototype - extensive testing – serial documentation – serial production

Please, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.


Traction drives
VONSCH has rich experiences in the area of traction inverter solutions, especially in the area of control of induction and synchronous motors. Traction inverters technical solution comes out from our hiigh-performance vector control. As the power supply, accumulator batteries or trolley lines are used.
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VONSCH in addition to a broad portfolio of its own products also provides services for its products or the products of other manufacturers.

VONSCH provides unrivaled professional comprehensive after-sales service for the entire range of our products. High-quality componentsof our products and 72 hours of testing of every product on the real load reduce the number of service calls to a minimum. The warranty period for each product are longer than defined by the law (25 months) and ordering preventive examinations or signing a service contract or program of comprehensive care, the warranty period is adequately extended. Our goal is the satisfied customer.

Nonstop number +421 905 253 188 - useful technical advice and prompt service is provided 24 hours a day.

Warranty repair is done either by the services agreement (where the repair can be arranged within 24 hours or as soon as possible), in agreement with the customer. Usually up to 3 days. Service by VONSCH is not only about 'traditional' arrival to the customer, which says nothing about the repairs, but full elimination of defects, since the service department has specialists that are equipped with all the spare parts and the know how. Warranty repair method is described in the documentation of products - lower power products should be delivered to VONSCH site, products of higher power will be repaired by our technician at customers site.

Post warranty service is just as fast, high quality and available as the warranty service. Several options are offered to the customer and free of charge advice is still provided, because the initial cause of the failure is very often in the connected devices or machines, and not in the product, which only indicates the error.

Preventive examinations and prophylactic service is done in agreement with the customer on the basis of a service contract or a contract for preventive inspections at agreed intervals.

In agreement with the client we offer training service for our devices, but we are able to train your personnel in a broader context.

We know that our service is our strength and we are proud of it.

Remote support
We can remotely configure and diagnose all our devices using TeamViewer. All you need to do it is a computer, A/B type USB cable and internet connection.You can download TeamViewer at TeamViewer.com or use our modified QuickSupport Module for even easier VONSCH remote support. VONSCH remote support
Technical care program

Technical care program

The professional care about electric drives program is a service of complete maintaining and servicing of all brands of electric drives by VONSCH, in companies not engaged in electric drives, but where the drives are one of the tools for achieving strategic goals. Our experts provide inspection of the drives and prepare complete plan of care and determine the overall reliability of the system for every frequency converter. The output of the inspection is a document describing overall state of electric drives, including an overview of the drives and the grouping of the drives according the overall reliability. For these groups we prepare a timetable for next inspections and a list of recommended spare parts. Service history and records of inspection , together with measured data are stored and evaluated by our special database software.

Energy savings audit and harmonic distortion analyses

Projecting and realization of optimal technical solutions with electrical energy savings and compensation of harmonic distortion.

Technical support

  • non-stop technical support +421 905 253 188 (Slovak language)
  • technical lectures
  • actual technical information through VONSCH e-zine
About us
Why VONSCH solutions?
  • we have many years of experience and patents in the field
  • We have implemented a number of prestigious applications
  • wide portfolio of products and services allows us to offer comprehensive solutions
  • Our solutions are based mainly on own products
  • We are renowned European manufacturer of frequency converters, accessories and other power electronics products
  • Our solutions combine the products of our own development and manufacture with products of other renowned manufacturers
  • Quality and reliability is supported by the introduction of Quality System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2008, certificates of product and prestigious export certificates
  • You have acccess to non-stop technical support and unrivaled service
  • Our motto: ... from the project to lifetime support ...

Complete solutions VONSCH consists of:

  • preparing of optimal strategy
  • research and development
  • technical solutions and price quotations
  • documents for the investors, developers and superior suppliers
  • project documentation
  • production and supply of products, its installation and commissioning by our specialists
  • realization of related construction works
  • comprehensive warranty for the supplied system and the individual components
  • non-stop technical support, training of the service personnel, comprehensive testing
  • warranty service
  • prophylactic inspections
  • comprehensive care program for operators and responsible managers

Technical solutions and projects

  • Technical solutions of most difficult projects with electric drives
  • Projects, studies with electric drives
  • Industrial plants with electric drives
  • Electrical energy savings projects (by drives regulation)

Research and development

Cooperation with well-known companies and universities
FEI STU Bratislava
  • Vector control
  • Recuperation frequency converter
  • Identification of motor parameters
  • controlled rectifier with active filter
  • CAN communication
FEI TU Košice
  • profibus
FU TU Košice
  • design
UMB Banská Bystrica
  • ethernet
SjF Bratislava
  • High Voltage laboratory

We believe in our work and we are proud of it - we are looking forward to your challenges!