WIND CONTROL is a special device for control of wind turbines (WT). WIND CONTROL ensures generator control and delivery to the distribution power grid.


WIND CONTROL 400 example


WIND CONTROL continuously monitors and controls:

Power maximization

Power maximization function of WIND CONTROL aically adjusts generator frequency to the actual wind speed, thus maximizing generated power of WT.

Active power

WIND CONTROL is equipped with transistor based inverter on the grid side, which allows the delivery of active power only (adjustable power factor) to the power grid.

Enclosure design

WIND CONTROL is delivered in enclosure. Therefore it is possible to add any other components required for wind power plant operation.

Technical data

Input part
Grid voltage Vs: 3 x 400 V AC ± 10%
Input voltage frequency: 50 Hz ± 5%
Current THD: < 3% (at voltage THD < 1,5%)
Nominal power: 4 - 500 kVA
Rate of the shutdown by the loss of voltage in a supply phase: < 10 ms
Power factor: (from 0.95 capacitive to 0.95 inductive) cos φ = -1 (from 0.95 capacitive to 0.95 inductive)
Generator part
Supply voltage of the generator: 3 x 0 to Vs
Frequency of the generator: 0 - 60 Hz (according to the output of power maximization block)
Nominal power of the generator: 4 - 500 kW
Efficiency of the converter: 96 %
Analog inputs: 4 programmable analog inputs (Options: 0 ÷ 20 mA , 4 ÷ 20 mA , 0 ÷ 10 V , 2 ÷ 10 V)
Digital inputs: 6 digital programmable inputs
1 digital safety input EN 13849-1 class 3
software adjusted control voltage ( + 24 V or 0V )
Digital outputs: 3 programmable relay outputs
Analog outputs: 3 analog programmable outputs 0 ÷ 20 mA or 4 divide; 20 mA
Electronic protection against: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection, ground fault protection, converter overtemperature, generator overtemperature, grid or generator phase outage
Cooling: forced air cooling by built-in fan
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Built-in RFI filter of category B according to EN 61 000-6-4
Permissible ambient temperature during operation: + 5 °C to + 45 °C
Altitude of allowable deployment 1000 m above sea level, at higher altitudes reduction of the inverter power. For every 100 m above 1000 m inverter power reduction of 1%.
Relative humidity 90% without corrosive and explosive gases, without water vapor or condensates
Degree of protection: IP20 or up to IP55 (option)
Standard compliance Safety: EN 501 78, EN 601-46-1l
EMC immunity: EN 61000-6-1,2
EMC emissions: EN 61000-6-3,4 ; EN 55011 zone 2
Harmonics: EN 61000-3-12

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