Addressing the most complex applications is a challenge for us...

We are a team of professionals with years of practical experience and tradition in the field of power electronics with our own research, development and production. Our main strengths are complex customer solutions , our important advantage is expertness, flexibility and rapidity . Our engineering can meet the specific requirements of individual customer by custom solutions. The guarantee of proper solution of each task is non-stop technical support and non-stop unrivaled service that includes not only non-stop technical support , but the fast solution to the problem instead of the traditional start to repair. We are building a brand that is known for its professionalism, high technical level, care about the environment, and reliability of its products, individual approach and the willingness of workers with long-term care facilities and long-term partnership for our customers.


TRACTION DRIVES (up to 250 kW)

Power electronics for “GREEN ENERGY“ from renewable energy sources


The aim of VONSCH is to offer professional, quality solutions and get among the absolute top technical companies. Constant innovation and pushing the limits of technical possibilities in favor of people and nature is the main goal of our business plan and it makes our work interesting and especially beneficial for the society.