For "mobile" applications like (Cranes, Locomotives) VONSCH offers a device which measures and records the intensity of the shock/impact. This device serves essentially as a "black box" of mechanical stress, shock and vibration.

Crash Logger 2 records the crash even during the absence of a power supply (when the main device is shut down) for 24 hours. The acceleration of crash is sensed in three axes, range from +/- 200 g. After the detected crash exceeded the preset threshold, the event is recorded into the memory. The memory is sufficient for minimally 31 days even with very high daily number of logged events. Configuration and data analysis is done wirelessly over Bluetooth to the smartphone or tablet equipped with Android operation system.

It is possible to watch daily entries and view a time graph of every Crash event.

Basic technical parameters of Crash Logger 2:
Crash Logger
Crash Logger
Screenshot 1
List of days and events
Screenshot 2
Time graph of the crash

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