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Gruadual and postdoc students from The Technical University of Kosice can test the PV systems thanks to the modern laboratory equipment designed by VONSCH.
In cooperation with East Slovakia Energetics company we designed and produced an interesting equipment - Laboratory for hybrid PV systems testing for The Technical University of Kosice.
TUKE LAB 1 ... More
Watch and see how easy is the setup of our UNIFREM 400 frequency converter (Slovak language only).
We have completed first Slovak Mathworks user story ever, describing the research & development of our PV products FOTO CONTROL 1f and FOTO CHARGER in the MATLAB & Simulink environment. Full story on FOTO CONTROL inverters
We are starting a new series of lectures and trainings. We will do our best to adapt to your requirements.

Main topics of lectures:
  • Elektric drives - frequency converters, soft starters
  • Photovoltaics - theory, VONSCH solutions, conenctions, visualization
  • Custom products VONSCH - upon request
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